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As a certified provider of Botox, Xeomin, & dermal fillers; we use the same skill and precision that we bring to every dental procedure to create natural-looking enhancements for patients just like you! At Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry Of Lakeland, our highly trained staff is ready to advise you on how we can rejuvenate your facial features. The only way to deliver the best possible facial rejuvenation treatments is for us to know our patent’s needs. We always take the time to discuss treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

We also offer Dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is an exfoliating technique that uses a rotating instrument to remove the outer layers of skin, usually on the face. This treatment is popular with people who wish to improve the appearance of their skin. Some of the conditions it can treat include fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, and uneven texture.

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You might not think of asking your dentist about facial rejuvenation, but you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Dr. Precaj uses his expertise in facial anatomy to help you turn back the clock on your appearance. Want to look as young as you feel? Call us to schedule a consultation to discuss your facial rejuvenation treatment options or to learn more about Botox, Xeomin, & dermal fillers.

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